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February 24, 2008
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Kuro Albesco-Eqkin entry by WSTopDeck Kuro Albesco-Eqkin entry by WSTopDeck
My entry for :icondroemar:s contest to design an Eqkin. :D I am in :heart: with him! I think I'm finally figuring out how to do hair! :excited: As for his simply means 'Black White' and if you're an anime fan, you might see a connection in his name...:paranoid: Anyway, enjoy the picture, sorry for the uber-watermarks, BUT there has been a rather large bit of theft of late, so...yeah...

Name: Kuro Albesco
Base Color: Black
Markings: RF stocking, Star/stripe/snip off left side of nose
Eye Color: White
Mane/Tail: White striped with black.
Chosen: Evander Miles
Herd: The Fourth Herd of Wood-Arbaa Nemu
Personality: Playful at times, but as a low ranking member of his herd he knows the time and place for such antics, dutiful.

Evander is a poor farmer who happened upon Kuro by chance on his way to a nearby summer festival. Kuro was just a yearling then. Evander had stopped to admire the shining black Eqkin, noting the clear white eyes. As he walked away he had felt a deep loss that he could not explain.

Kuro had been particularly bored that day. As the lowest ranking herd member he knew he couldn’t start anything, he wasn’t strong enough nor did he have the desire to move up the ranks. He had just been contemplating having a roll in the brook when he felt himself being watched. He looked around until his gaze focused on the man standing on the dirt path that ran along the edge of the meadow. Not tall, but well built. He had a worn, friendly face with bright green eyes and a mass of wavy black hair. He had stopped only briefly before continuing on his way, but Kuro could not stop watching him. He was drawn to the man in a way he could not explain. He took a few steps and then stopped.

What am I doing? He thought. Why do I feel the need to follow this man?

His Dam had told him of having a Chosen, though the details concerning how one ‘chose’ their elven counterpart had been rather vague. He decided that this must be what was happening. That man was his Chosen…and he was getting away! Kuro gathered his gangly bulk up and leapt into a gallop. He ran to the path where he dropped down to a ground-covering trot. Damn, that man was fast! Even so, Kuro soon caught a glimpse of him. Within seconds he had caught up to the man who, hearing the hoofbeats behind him, had stopped and turned around.

“Hey there handsome, what brings you here, eh?” He said, not really expecting an answer. His knowledge of Eqkins was limited, though he did know that the Arbaa Nemu herd lived in the sparse forest between his small farm and the neighboring town.

“I come?” replied Kuro, using a voice that had little practice. He looked unblinking at the man.

“With me? Now why would you be doin’ that? I’m naught but a lowly farmer,” Evander said a with a grin.

“Then you are like me. I am lowest in my herd. My name is Kuro Albesco. You will be my Chosen.”

At his words Evander’s emerald eyes widened. An Eqkin was Choosing him? He looked again at the black colt, taking in every inch of him, from his three dark legs to his motley mane and tail and back to those strange white eyes, eyes that at the moment, were staring straight into his. Evander knew there was no helping it, the Eqkin had Chosen him and thus they were bonded. At that he was elated, the loneliness that had overcome him when he had moved on after his first encounter with Kuro was replaced with an overwhelming joy. He tried, somewhat unsuccessfully, to restrain his excitement.

“I’m truly honored Kuro. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I might’ve become a Chosen. The name’s Evander Miles,” he said with a flourishing bow.

“Evander…it is a good name for a good man,” Kuro said, tossing his head.

“Well, I’m glad ya’ think so!” Evander said with a laugh, “Come Kuro, shall we continue on to the fair?” Kuro pranced and agreed.

And so they went. At the fair many people exclaimed over Evander’s new partner, somewhat surprised that he had become a Chosen. Not being able to afford fancy things, Evander purchased a coil of stout rope which he fashioned into an adjustable harness. Kuro wore it proudly. As the years passed, Kuro grew large and strong. He did his work easily together with Evander. Evander and his family considered themselves blessed and his youngest son came to his father one day with a wooden pendant he had carved. He told his father that it was for Kuro. Evander took it carefully from his son’s hands and tied it to Kuro’s harness. It is the only decoration he has, but he is proud of it.

Kuro did his best to keep his Chosen’s family safe. His bravest story was fending off a large canine that he and Evander had happened upon in the woods. But more often than not he just helped with the daily chores. A rather uneventful life, save for the occasional driving away of pests and potentially dangerous creatures.

ART and character (C) ME THANKS!
Eqkin breed (C) *Droemar
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777Greywolf Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012  Student General Artist
that coat is beauuutiful it looks so
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I just say... "O.O"
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He is....just breathtaking. :D I wish this was a real horse...and was MINE. Haha :)
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kennedyblue Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
This has to be one of the most beautiful Horse artwork i have seen on Deviantart, i'm not joking.
You really capure his movement and power and you have the lighting so perfect.
You must be so proud of this peice i know i would be...
Keep up with the good work your a very talented artist.

P.s. Did you win the contest?....
Alpenminuial Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry for my English... I feel a power from this art. Very good light-shadow ^^
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Freedom-Falling Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahh, Kuro. Like..kuro neko :3

I'm pretty sure it's not just a Trigun thing haha.

This is beautiful, I love the detail, the heavy feet and feathering, the sinewy muscles. He's poised and beatiful, and the mane and tail are lovely. Great job.
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